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Publications année 2007

1.      Aguila Benjamin, Coulbault Laurent, Boulouard Michel, Leveille Frédéric, Davis Audrey, Toth Géza, Borsodi Anna, Balboni Gianfranco, Salvadori Severo, Jauzac Philippe, Allouche Stéphane, (2007) In vitro and in vivo pharmacological profile of UFP-512, a novel selective δ-opioid receptor agonist: Functional and trafficking studies correlate with the lack of tolerance Brit J Pharmacol. 152: 1312-1324 if: 5.204

2.      Alves Christelle, Chichery Raymond, Boal Jean Geary, Dickel Ludovic, (2007) Orientation in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis, response versus place learning. Anim Cogn. 10: 29-36 if: 3.325

3.      Alves Christelle, Darmaillacq Anne-Sophie, Shashar Nadav, Dickel Ludovic, (2007) Field and laboratory of Sepia (Doratosepion) elongata d’Orbigny (1845). The Veliger. 48(4): 313-316 if: 0.304

4.      Benchenane Karim, Castel Hervé, Boulouard Michel, Bluthe Rose-Marie, Fernandez-Monreal Monica, Roussel Benoît, Lopez-Atalaya José Perez, Butt-Gueulle Sabrina, Agin Véronique, Maubert Eric, Dantzer Robert, Touzani Omar, Dauphin François, Vivien Denis, Ali Carine, (2007) Anti NR1 amino-terminal domain vaccination unmasks tPA action on NMDA receptor-mediated toxicity and spatial memory. J Cell Sci. 120: 578-585 if: 6.144

5.     Bouet Valentine, Freret Thomas, Toutain Jérôme, Divoux Didier, Boulouard Michel, Schumann-Bard Pascale, (2007) Sensorimotor and cognitive deficits after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in the mouse. Exp Neurol. 203: 555-567 if: 3.914

6.      Boulouard Michel, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Butt-Gueulle Sabrina, Lohou Elodie, Stiebing Sylvia, Collot Valérie, Rault Sylvain, (2007) 4-substituted indazoles as new inhibitors of neuronal nitric oxide synthase. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 17: 3177-3180 if: 2.65

7.      Boutin Hervé, Catherine Armelle, MacKenzie Eric Thomson, Jauzac Philippe, Dauphin François, (2007) Long-term alterations in µ, δ and κ opioidergic receptors following middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice. Acta Neuropathol. 114: 491-500 if: 6.397

8.      Boyer Christophe, Maubert Eric, Charnay Yves, Chichery Raymond, (2007) Distribution of neurokinin A-like and serotonin immunoreactivities within the vertical lobe complex in Sepia officinalis. Brain Res. 1133: 53-66 if: 2.463

9.      Haelewyn Benoït, Freret Thomas, Pacary Emilie, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Boulouard Michel, Bernaudin Myriam, Bouet Valentine, (2007) Long-term evaluation of sensorimotor and mnesic behaviour following striatal NMDA-induced unilateral excitotoxic lesion in the mouse. Behav Brain Res. 178: 235-243 if: 3.22

10.   Paillet-Loilier Magalie, Fabis Frédéric, Lepailleur Alban, Bureau Ronan, Butt-Gueulle Sabrina, Dauphin François, Lesnard Aurélien, Delarue Catherine, Vaudry Hubert, Rault Sylvain, (2007) Novel aminoethylbiphenyls as 5-HT7 receptor ligands. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 17: 3018-3022 if: 2.65

11.   Paizanis Eleni, Hamon Michel, Lanfumey Laurence, (2007) Hippocampal neurogenesis, depressive disorders and antidepressant therapy. Neural Plast. 2007: 73754 if: NA

12.   Paizanis Eleni, Kelai Sabah, Renoir Thibault, Hamon Michel, Lanfumey Laurence, (2007) Life-long hippocampal neurogenesis: environmental, pharmacological and neurochemical modulations. Neurochem Res. 32(10): 1762-1771 if: 2.722

13.   Schmitt Angelika, Benninghoff Jens, Moessner Rainald, Rizzi Matteo, Paizanis Eleni, Doenitz Christian, Gross Sibylle, Hermann Martin, Gritti Angela, Lanfumey Laurence, Fritzen Sabrina, Reif Andreas, Hamon Michel, Murphy Dennis, Vescovi Angela, Lesch Klaus-Peter, (2007) Adult neurogenesis in serotonin transporter deficient mice. J Neural Transm. 114(9): 1107-1119 if: 2.259

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