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Publications année 2012

1.   Besnard Stéphane, Machado Marie-Laure, Vignaux Guillaume, Boulouard Michel, Coquerel Antoine, Bouet Valentine, Freret Thomas, Denise Pierre, Lelong-Boulouard Véronique, (2012) Influence of vestibular input on spatial and nonspatial memory and on hippocampal NMDA receptors. Hippocampus 22(4): 814-826 if: 5.176

2.   Bouet Valentine, Klomp Anne, Freret Thomas, Wylezinska Marzena, Lopez-Tremoleda Jordi, Dauphin François, Boulouard Michel, Booij Jan, Gsell Willy, Reneman Liesbeth, (2012) Age-dependent effects of chronic fluoxetine treatment on the serotonergic system one week following treatment. Psychopharmacology. 221(2): 329-339 if: 4.077

3.   Cartron Lélia, Darmaillacq Anne-Sophie, Jozet-Alves Christelle, Shashar Nadav, Dickel Ludovic, (2012) Cuttlefish rely on both polarized light and landmarks for orientation. Anim Cogn. 15: 591-596 if: 3.089

4.   Da Silva Costa-Aze Virginie, Quiédeville Anne, Dauphin François, Boulouard Michel, (2012) 5-HT6 receptor blockade differentially affects scopolamine-induced deficits of working memory, recognition memory and aversive learning in mice. Psychopharmacology. 222: 99-115 if: 4.077

5.   Danglot Lydia, Freret Thomas, Le Roux Nicolas, Narboux-Nême Nicolas, Burgo Andrea, Hyenne Vincent, Roumier Anne, Contremoulins Vincent, Dauphin François, Bizot Jean-Charles, Vodjdani Guilan, Gaspar Patricia, Boulouard Michel, Poncer Jean-Christophe, Galli Thierry, Simmler Marie-Christine, Vezatin is essential for dendritic spine morphogenesis and functional synaptic maturation. J Neurosci. 32(26):9007-9022 if: 7.115

6.   Freret Thomas, Bouet Valentine, Quiedeville Anne, Nee Gerald, Dallemagne Patrick, Rochais Christophe, Boulouard Michel, (2012) Synergistic effect of acetylcholinesterase inhibition (donepezil) and 5-HT4 receptor activation (RS67333) on object recognition in mice. Behav Brain Res. 230(1): 304-308 if: 3.417

7.   Freret Thomas, Billard Jean-Marie, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Dutar Patrick, Dauphin François, Boulouard Michel, Bouet Valentine, (2012) RESCUE of cognitive aging by long-lasting environmental enrichment exposure initiated before median lifespan. Neurobiol Aging. 33(5): 1005 if: 6.189

8.   Guibé Mathieu, Poirel Nicolas, Houdé Olivier, Dickel Ludovic, (2012) Food imprinting and visual generalization in embryos and newly hatched cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis). Anim Behav. 84: 213-217 if: 3.493

9.   Hotte Maïté, Dauphin François, Freret Thomas, Boulouard Michel, Levallet Guénaëlle, A biphasic and brain-region selective down-regulation 1 of cyclic adenosine 2 monophosphate concentrations supports object recognition in the rat. PLoSONE. 7(2):e32244 if: 4.092

10.         Jozet-Alves Christelle, Viblanc Vincent, Romagny Sébastien, Dacher Matthieu, Healy Susan D, Dickel Ludovic, (2012) Visual lateralization is task- and age-dependent in cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis). Anim Behav. 83: 1313-1318 if: 3.493

11.         Jozet-Alves Christelle, Romagny Sébastien, Bellanger Cécile, Dickel Ludovic, Cerebral correlates of visual lateralization in Sepia. Behav Brain Res. 234:20-25 if: 3.417

12.         Leconte Claire, Léger Marianne, Boulouard Michel, Tixier Emmanuelle, Fréret Thomas, Bernaudin Myriam, Schumann-Bard Pascale, (2012) Repeated mild hypoxic exposures decrease anxiety-like behavior in the adult mouse together with an increased brain adrenomedullin gene expression. Behav Brain Res. 230(1): 78-84 if: 3.417

13.         Léger Marianne, Quiedeville Anne, Paizanis Eleni, Natkunarajah Sharuja, Freret Thomas, Boulouard Michel, Schumann-Bard Pascale, (2012) Environmental enrichment enhances episodic-like memory in association with a modified neuronal activation profile in adult mice.PLoS ONE 7(10):e48043 if: 4.092

14.         Léger Marianne, Bouet Valentine, Freret Thomas, Darmaillacq Anne-Sophie, Dacher Matthieu, Dauphin François, Boulouard Michel, Schumann-Bard Pascale, (2012) Environmental enrichment improves recent but not remote memory in association with a modified brain metabolic activation profile in adult mice. Behav Brain Res. 228(1): 22-29 if: 3.417

15.         Letourneur Annelise, Freret Thomas, Roussel Simon, Boulouard Michel, Divoux Didier, Toutain Jérôme, Bernaudin Myriam, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Bouet Valentine, Touzani Omar, (2012) Maternal hypertension during pregnancy modifies the response of the immature brain to hypoxia-ischemia: Sequential MRI and behavioral investigations. Exp Neurol. 233(1): 264-72 if: 4.699

16.         Lohou Elodie, Sopkova-de Oliveira Santos Jana, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Boulouard Michel, Stiebing Silvia, Rault Sylvain, Collot Valérie, (2012) New hypotheses for the binding mode of 4- and 7-substituted indazoles in the active site of neuronal nitric oxide synthase. Bioorgan Med Chem. 20(17): 5296-5304 if: 2.921

17.         Loubinoux, G. Kronenberg, M. Endres, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Freret Thomas, R Filipkowsky, L. Kaczmarek, A. Popa-Wagner (2012) Poststroke depression: mechanisms, translation and therapy. J Cell Mol Med. 16(9):1961-1969 if: 4.125

18.         Machado Marie-Laure, Lelong-Boulouard Véronique, Smith Paul, Freret Thomas, Philoxene Bruno, Denise Pierre, Besnard Stéphane, Influence of anxiety in spatial memory impairments related to the loss of vestibular function in rat. Neuroscience. 218: 161-169 if: 3.380

19.         Machado Marie-Laure, Kroichvili Nastassia, Freret Thomas, Philoxene Bruno, Lelong-Boulouard Veronique, Denise Pierre, Stephane Besnard, Spatial and non-spatial performance in mutant mice devoid of otoliths. Neurosci Lett. 522(1): 57-61 if: 2.105

20.         Romagny Sébastien, Darmaillacq Anne-Sophie, Guibé Mathieu, Bellanger Cécile, Dickel Ludovic, (2012) Feel, smell and see in an egg: emergence of perception and learning in an immature invertebrate, the cuttlefish embryo. J Exp Biol. 215:4125-4130 if: 2.996

21.         Zylinski Sarah, Darmaillacq Anne-Sophie, Shashar Nadav, (2012) Visual interpolation for contour completion by the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis and its use in dynamic camouflage. Proc R Soc B. 279: 2386-2390 if: 5.415

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