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Publications année 2014

1.            Becerril-Ortega J, Bordji K, Fréret Thomas, Rush T, Buisson Alain, Iron overload accelerates neuronal amyloid-β production and cognitive impairment in transgenic mice model of Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiol Aging Accepté

2.            Di Poï Carole, Bidel Flavie, Dickel Ludovic, Bellanger Cécile, (2014) Cryptic and biochemical responses in young cuttlefish Sepia officinalis exposed to environmentally relevant concentrations of fluoxetine. Aquat Toxicol. 151: 36-45 if: 3.730

3.   Di Poï Carole, Bellanger Cécile, (2014) Response to Commentary on "Are some invertebrates exquisitely sensitive to the human pharmaceutical fluoxetine?". Aquat Toxicol. 146: 261-263 if: 3.730

4.            Fiorito Graziano, Affuso A, Anderson DB, Basil Jennifer A, Bonnaud Laure, Botta G, Cole A, D'Angelo L, De Girolamo P, Dennison Ngaire, Dickel Ludovic, Di Cosmo Anna, Di Cristo C, Gestal C, Fonseca R, Grasso Frank, Kristiansen T, Kuba Michael, Maffucci F, Manciocco A, Mark FC, Melillo D, Osorio Daniel, Palumbo Anna, Perkins Kerry, Ponte Giovanna, Raspa M, Shashar Nadav, Smith Jane, Smith D, Sykes Antonio, Villanueva R, Tublitz N, Zullo Laetizia, Andrews Paul, (2014) Cephalopods in neuroscience: regulations, research and the 3Rs. Inv Neurosci. [Epub ahead of print] if: 1.13

5.            Freret Thomas, Gaudreau Pierrette, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Billard Jean-Marie, Popa-Wagner Aurel, Mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effect of brain reserve against late life depression. J Neural Transm. Accepté if: 3.052

6.   Freret Thomas, Paizanis Eleni, Beaudet Gregory, Gusmao-Montaigne Andreia, Nee Gérald, Dauphin François, Bouet Valentine, Boulouard Michel, Modulation of 5-HT7 receptor: effect on object recognition performances in mice. Psychopharmacology 231(2):393-400 if: 4.061

7.   Freret Thomas, Gaudreau P, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Billard Jean-Marie, Popa-Wagner A, Mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effect of brain reserve against late life depression. J Neural Transm Accepté

8.   Lecoutey C, Hedou D, Freret Thomas, Giannoni P, Gaven F, Since Marc, Bouet Valentine, Ballandonne Céline, Corvaisier Sophie, Malzert Fréon A, Mignani S, Cresteil T, Boulouard Michel, Claeysen S, Rochais Christophe, Dallemagne Patrick, (2014) Design of donecopride, a dual serotonin subtype 4 receptor agonist/acetylcholinesterase inhibitor with potential interest for Alzheimer's disease treatment. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(36):E3825-30

9.   Leger Marianne, Paizanis Eleni, Dzahini K, Quiedeville Anne, Bouet Valentine, Lecourtier L, Cassel JC, Freret Thomas, Schumann-Bard Pascale, Boulouard Michel, Environmental enrichment duration differentially affects behaviour and neuroplasticity in adult mice. Cerebral Cortex Accepté if: 6.83

10.         Lepailleur Alban, Freret Thomas, Lemaitre Stéphane, Boulouard Michel, Dauphin Francois, Hinschberger Antoine Dulin Fabienne, Lesnard Aurélien, Bureau Ronan, Rault Sylvain, Dual histamine H3R / Serotonin 5-HT4R ligands with anti-amnesic properties: pharmacophore-based virtual screening and polypharmacology. J Chem Inf Model. 54(6):1773-1784 If : 4.304

11.         Ma LL, Freret Thomas, Lange M, Bourgine J, Coquerel Antoine, Lelong-Boulouard Véronique, Benzodiazepines increase the reward effects of buprenorphine in a conditioned place preference test in the mouse. Fundam Clin Pharmacol. Accepté

Quiedeville Anne, Boulouard Michel, Da Silva Costa-Aze Virginie, Dauphin François, Bouet Valentine, Freret Thomas. 5-HT6 receptor antagonists as treatment for age-related cognitive decline. Rev Neurosci. 2014;25(3):417-27

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